Beginners Kickboxing - Week 6

Beginners Kickboxing Course – First Course of 2018 is half way through

We have now finished the first half of the opening Beginners Kickboxing Course of 2018 and once again our new group of kickboxing enthusiasts have exceeded all of our expectations with the standards that they are setting each week.

So far the course has covered basic kick, punching and kneeing techniques, mixed with with defensive drills and fitness work and it is great to see that everyone is improving each session and continue to keep coming back the following week.

Week 5 saw the group working on teeps and knees with partners on the pads and some advanced pad drills, week 6 will see the group working on counters and speed work to enable them to throw fluent combinations if they ever chose to join in the sparring sessions on a Sunday morning.

Great work once again guys, we look forward to seeing you all tonight.

If anybody is interesting in signing up for the second half of the course please email and we will get you signed up, alternatively we are now taking names and payment for the next Beginners Kickboxing Course that starts Monday 26 March. 


The gym has a family friendly environment and a very good work ethic in order to give students the very best tutoring that we can and this will be no different with the next edition of our beginners kickboxing course which starts at 8pm on Monday 26 March and will run every Monday (8pm) and Thursday (7:00pm) until Thursday 30 May 2018.

The classes will be structured to work on the basic fundamentals of kickboxing including footwork, kicking, kneeing, punching and defensive techniques on the pads and with partner.

The 10 week course in priced at just £50 and all those that pass the first course will then be offered the opportunity to move on the intermediate course and also mix in with the regular classes at the gym.

For more information on the Beginners Kickboxing course please call 07900 932690 or email with the header Beginners Kickboxing Course 2018 – Part 2.

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