Book your personal training session with our coaches at the Lincoln Fight Factory

The summer is almost upon us and you will soon be hitting the beach so now is the time to start your fitness journey. How about speaking to one of our team of coaches  about 1-2-1/group private sessions to reach your fitness goals and take advantage or our great offers for the rest of 2018.

Do you or one of your family/friends lack the motivation to join a regular gym where you have to plan your own workouts and need someone to help you achieve your goals in fitness, boxing, kickboxing or Thai Boxing?  Then have private tuition from with one of the Lincoln Fight to help you hit your targets.

Private sessions are available for micro groups, children and adults and our team will guide you every step of the way in order to put you in a position where you feel confident enough to join a regular gym.

Private lessons are available for everyone. They provide students with a chance to work personally with World Champion coach Shawn. Together they can target areas that the student needs to develop. They don’t need to be one-on-one either. You could take a lesson with a friend/partner/training buddy or even a family group to help spread the cost.

It is entirely up to you. It could be preparation for a grading or an upcoming fight. You may be having issues with a certain technique or maybe you just want to gain an edge over the rest of the class or just want to get in shape and drop some extra weight ready for the summer. What ever your reasons, Shawn will devise a lesson/lessons for you.

You can take your private lesson at a time mutually agreed between you and Shawn.
Speak with Shawn at the gym, email or call 07900 932690 to discuss prices, times, individual or group sessions and your training concerns.

1-2-1 sessions start from just £10 for children and £15 for adults so you really have no excuse to pop in and give it a go, who knows, you may actually enjoy it!

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