The Lincoln Fight Factory are very pleased to announce that from Thursday 3rd September we will Gymbe running a series of day time classes every Thursday and Friday for those that are unable to make the gym in the evenings.  Classes will include bootcamp, kettlebell classes, mums, bums and tums,  beginners kickboxing and boxing classes.  The daytime classes will be charges at £5 per class or as part of the monthly membership that we offer.

Here is a break-down of some of the classes included days and times that they are run:


Bootcamp is a challenging free-weight workout for your entire body, increasing strength and improving your definition.  With this class there will be circuits, pad work and bodyweight exercises.  No two classes will ever be the same, so you will always being doing something new and working different areas of the body.

 What will a Bootcamp class do for me?

Bootcamp is a mix of cardio and resistance exercise which will combine bodyweight exercises with free weight exercises.  It will help you to improve your balances, strength and flexibility.  This great overall workout welcomes all fitness levels and ages.

How long is a Bootcamp class?

Bootcamp classes are 1 hour long and are jam-packed full of exercises that keep you moving throughout the class, burning calories and building strength.

 When is Bootcamp?

 Bootcamp takes place every Friday at 6am.


Are you into pumping iron or does the weights section of the gym scare you? Whether you’re a weights person or not, you can throw away your idea of lifting at a KETTLEBELLS class.

Kettlebells is weightlifting with a difference. Dynamic moves using these easy to handle weighted balls will get you swinging, snatching – and sweating! This isn’t a stand still and lift class. It’s energetic, mixing cardio with weights for a full body workout that will build strength and stamina. 

What will a kettlebell class do for me?

With weights to suit you, Kettlebells classes are as good for beginners as they are for those who want to challenge themselves with heavy lifts. The handle makes them really easy to work with too – meaning Kettlebells slot effortlessly into a cardio workout that will get your heart rate up.

You’ll see results fast with Kettlebells.  It’s a weights workout that targets more than just the arms, for full body toning and trimming.  A Kettlebells class is also loads more fun than taking turns on the bench press.

Get that heart rate pumping without pumping iron.  KETTLEBELLS is the fun way to the strong arms, lean body and solid core that you want. 

Benefits of kettlebells:

Perform dynamic moves with a weighted Kettlebell to mix strength training and cardio

–       Quick toning, especially of the arms and upper body

–       Mix weight training with cardio

–       Build strength and improve stamina

–       Full body workout

–       Energetic and fun!

When are the kettlebell classes on?

Every Thursday at 11am and Friday at 2pm.


Congratulations! Now let’s get that body back!

What we do?

  • Relaxed exercise class with one of members of Majestics Personal Training Team.
  • The class is indoors. So no need to brave the weather or use the pushchair.
  • Free advice on training and nutrition.
  • You can start as soon as you have had your 6 week check and your G.P. has given you the ok to exercise.
  • Watch your baby while you exercise – no need for a crèche, babysitter or any time away.
  • All the mums are in the same boat! Everything is normal here.
  • Chat and make friends with teas, coffees and play time after the class.

What you need to bring

For your baby (or babies), bring a blanket, a few toys and any drink/snacks they might need. Your baby can either stay in their pram/car seat (bring it straight into the gym), or sit or lie on the mats provided, or help you exercise. Most babies I have found prefer to do a combination, even sleep!

For you, please wear comfortable clothes for exercising in and bring a bottle of water and a towel.

When do the classes take place?

Every Thursday and Friday at 10am-11am.

For more information on all the classes or how to book your place please call Shawn on 07900932690 or speak to him at the gym