DJ and Joe

Clean sweep for Fight Factory boxers in Peterborough

To top of the great medal success for our juniors at this weekends ICO World Championships, we had 2 of our boxers fighting in Peterborough on Saturday on Alex Bolshunov’s show.

DJ Tollerton and Joe Wilkinson were in action on Saturday when they took on home town opposition from Brent’s Boxing Peterborough in front of a large travelling crowd and really put on a show.

17 year old DJ was first in the ring, looking to make is 3-0 against Danny Millett at 60kg’s.  Danny was the smaller man, but came in under weight and that told in the ring as DJ was much stronger and really took the fight to Millett, landing some solid right hands in the opening round as he pushed a game Millett against the ropes.

Millett landed a solid right of his own towards the end of the round, but DJ just smiled, performed some weird sort of dance and went straight back into action.

After the first round we knew a stoppage was on the cards and told DJ to over lean with his right hand and follow through with left hooks as Millett’s weight continued to shift towards DJ’s left hand, instructions that he followed to the world forcing a count to Millett towards the end of the round.  Smelling blood DJ got a little over excited and just threw as many punches as he could, without landing any real clean shots.

After a brief fight back from Millett, DJ landed another solid right hand, pushing his opponent into the corner and landing another wild flurry of body shots before a 2nd count was given.  The bell went and Millett had survived another torrid round, but his corner made the correct decision to pull their man out at the end of the round, taking DJ’s record to 3 straight wins and setting him up nicely for a tough fight against Boston’s Nojus Plavko on 11 November.

Joe Wilkinson was next up, making his debut for the gym against Ryan Bointon at 63kgs.  Joe came in slightly under at 62.4kg, but his opponent almost 3kg over.  Knowing Ryan was only 16 years old and fairly nervous before the fight, we allowed the weight to slip and the fight went ahead.

In the ring the size difference was obviously, as Ryan had a very muscly frame and we had an idea he may come out aggressively so instructed Joe to stay composed and not to panic when under pressure.  Are belief were correct and Ryan made a very aggressive start looking to take the fight to Joe.

Joe stayed very relaxed and made good use of his straight shots, landing some nice 1-2 combinations.  Despite the weight difference, the power seemed to lie with Joe as Ryan was starting to tire at the end of the round.  Joe landed a nice right hand that shook Ryan but failed to capitalise on the shot.

The second round was the same, Ryan started fast but as he tired Joe was able to land some very nice right hands, hurting Ryan and in the 3rd round another right hand forced the referee to give Ryan an 8 count that sealed the victory for Joe, making a winner start to his boxing career.

All in all it was a very good weekend for the gym, in totally picking up 8 wins, but Peterborough was all about the boxers and although it is still early days with both lads training less than a year and have lots to work on, the progress and attitude that they show in each session it fantastic. 

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