5 week beginners kickboxing course starts on Monday 28 November

The next 6 week beginners course starts Monday 28 November at 8pm at the Lincoln Fight Factory so if you are looking at getting into a great sport, starting a new hobby or shaking off the cobwebs after a few years away from the gym then this could be just the course for you.

The Lincoln Fight Factory has had a very successful history of producing World Champion fighters and and helping turn peoples lives around for the better.

The gym has a family friendly environment and a very good work ethic in order to give students the very best tutoring that we can and this will be no different with the latest edition of our beginners kickboxing course which starts at 8pm on Monday 28 November and will run every Monday (8pm) and Thursday (7pm) until 22nd December.

The classes will be structured to work on the basic fundamentals of kickboxing including footwork, kicking, kneeing, punching and defensive techniques on the pads and with partner.

The 5 week course in prices at just £25 and all those that pass the first course will then be offered the opportunity to move on the intermediate course and also mix in with the regular classes at the gym.

For more information on the Beginners Kickboxing course please call 07900 932690 or email with the header Beginners Kickboxing Course.

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