Boxing - final session

2nd edition of Beginners Boxing Course comes to and end – but fear not the next one is just 10 days away

Friday saw the last session of our 10 week boxing course come to an end at the Lincoln Fight Factory and the group went out in style.

For the first timer ever, we introduced sparring into the beginners boxing course classes and it proved to be a great success with the very last session ending with 21 rounds of sparring on a boiling hot Friday night.

The group went from the very basic stages of boxing – working on footwork, defence and basic punches right through to controlled sparring where they could put all of their skills to the test.

The group must have had over 80 rounds of sparring over the 10 weeks and we are pleased to say there was not a single nose bleed or black eye to congratulations to everyone for showing great control.

We had great results from last Wednesday’s fitness test with everyone showing improved endurance and strength results and on Friday the sparring showed some great skills on display.

Thank you to everyone who signed up and supported the course, it was great to see you all make massive improvements in your skills and confidence and forming friendships with the rest of the group.

For those who want to book onto the next course you only have 10 days to do so as the next one starts on 28 June at 7:15pm – for more information on how to book on please follow this link.

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