We are now taking names for our next Level 1 Beginners Boxing Course

After the huge success of last years Beginners Boxing Courses at the Lincoln Fight Factory we can’t wait to get the second one of 2018 started.  The interest and improvements for the course has been bigger than we could have ever imagined with 207 people signing up for the 2017 and first 2018 courses and the improvements for every single person have been frightening.

The current Level 1 group are working hard in the gym as they will be looking to move on to the Level 2 course before joining in with the regular gym classes, so we will soon have openings for the next group of wannabe boxers to step through the doors of the Lincoln Fight Factory.

The 20 lesson course is for both complete beginners and those who have completed level one but want to keep working on their skills and will teach you all the basics of boxing, while improving fitness and include some controlled sparring drills during the course.


  • Basic stance and footwork
  • Shadow boxing and punch sharpness
  • How to throw basic punches to head and body
  • How to defend and how to counter from your defence
  • Beginners circuits for boxing training
  • How to hold and hit pads
  • The fitness required to be a boxer
  • Sparring drills
  • Head movement (slipping and rolling)
  • Range finding
  • and much, much more

Over the last few years the Lincoln Fight Factory has seen several boxers and coaches move into the professional ranks, having great success and well as the gym having a great reputation on the unlicensed scene with fighters picking up Midland, English and British titles and fighting in countries such as Norway, America, Malta and France – does this appeal to you?

Boxing training is something that everybody talks about trying, but the fear of walking through the gym doors and into the unknown can put people off.  Thoughts of ‘not being fit’ and ‘being the worst in class’ is often a very intimidating thought, but the Lincoln Fight Factory are looking for genuine first time students or those lacking in confidence to take advantage of a great opportunity to turn a dream into a reality and kick start your boxing journey.

Classes will run at the Lincoln Fight Factory every Wednesday at 8:15pm and Friday at 7:15pm and will run from Wednesday 28 March to 1 June 2018 and will cost £50 per person.

To book your place and take advantage of this great offer please email with the header Beginners Boxing Course – Second Course of 2018, call/text 07900 932690 or message our Facebook page.

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