Kickboxing Classics – High Explosive (The Return of TNT)

We were honored to have RingNews24.com boxing reporter Stuart Brown attend the last Kickboxing Classics event on 19 March and report the action from ringside – here is what he had to say about the evening show:

I arrived at the Lincoln Fight Factory on Saturday evening looking forward to a great night of pugilistic action. From boxing, kick boxing, through to K1. I certainly was not to be left disappointed, I was about to witness a superb show put on by a professional and dedicated team.

First impressions

I arrived around six pm, just catching the back end of the final junior bout, a great fight with a good performance from young Kumel Ali Ravjani to capture the amateur 33kg English title.

There were already a good number of spectators present, with standing room only around the gym. Every position gave a ringside view. There was a friendly, yet intense atmosphere with the small hall filled with fight fans. It was great to see the mix of young and old, male and female present.

It was good to see such a high turnout, with all fighters benefitting from fighting in front of a strong crowd.


The night saw a busy 17 fight schedule ranging from heavyweight boxing to the amateur 35kg European kick boxing championship.

Craig Tinker vs Nicky Dawson – Boxing (3×2 minute rounds)
Nice fight to get the night started, Tinker showed some good skill throughout the 3 round bout taking the win after three rounds on the scorecard.

Ash Balram vs Pete Woods – Full contact kickboxing (3×2 minute rounds)
This was my first taste of full contact kickboxing up close, brutal stuff! Both fighters were quick out of the blocks with Balram having the most success. Balram’s pressure continued into the second and after connecting with several harsh blows the towel came in from Woods’ corner.

Craig Young vs Zeveran Fariq – Full contact kickboxing (3×2 minute rounds)

Fast start to this one with Zeveran down in the first, with the bell sounding soon after. I felt Zeveran came back well in the second, landing well with the right hand. Zeveran continued to apply the pressure in the third only for Young to land a massive right hand and put Zeveran back on the canvas, the towel came in and Young declared the winner.

Taylor Sellars vs Brogan Wilson – Full contact kickboxing (3×2 minute rounds)
A very close first round was followed by another very close second. The third saw Sellars down Wilson. For me the knockdown had won it for Sellars. The MC originally announced Wilson as winning by a single point, but later rectified his error announcing Sellars as victor by majority decision.

Jonny Catton vs Jamie Hain – K1 (3×2 minute rounds)
My first experience of K1. Big first round for Catton looking to be in-charge. Round two was better for Hain, applying some pressure, but Catton taking it for me. Round three and back came Catton. The referee stepped in to give Hain a standing count, calling off the fight for Catton to take the victory.

Bradley Swinburn vs Danny Blindside – Boxing (3×2 minute rounds)
An entertaining battle involving the local fighter Swinburn. I had Swinburn taking all three rounds, in what was admittedly a close bout. After three, Blindside got the decision from the officials.

Karolis Macisevskis vs Romy Da Silva – Pro rules K1 (3×3 minute rounds)
This was an intense bout with the absence of any protective pads/helmet evident. The bout started tentatively with Da Silva suffering a few low blows. Da Silva looked very strong. Round two and Da Silva scored a powerful knockdown, followed by a standing count for Karolis. Round three and De Silva scores another KD, but not able to stop Karolis. Excellent battle with Da Silva taking the fight on points.

Michael Buckthorpe vs Dean Dinsley – Boxing (3×2 minutes)

A very even bout over three rounds resulted in a draw. I just had Dinsley just taking this one.

International Bouts

Next up were the international fights between France and England, including several European title fights. The two fight teams met in the ring and the national anthems played. The crowd warmed to the occasion, showing respect for both anthems.

Blaine Wilson vs Mael Montagne – EKF Amateur FC European Title – 35kg (5×2 minutes)
Two youngsters were first up for the European title. A very tight first round showcased the skills of both fighters, with some exceptional foot work. The remaining four rounds saw Wilson grow into the fight and use his significant height advantage more and more. He took all five rounds on the judge’s scorecards and took the European title for England.

Mareks Pelcis vs Lilian Lebourdias – EFK Amateur K1 Rules European Title – 67kg (5×2 minutes)

A very close first round, high intensity and superb quality. The second was a strong round for Pelcis, the Frenchman’s hair coming loose from his top-knot. Round three saw Pelcis deducted a point, I think for holding and punching. Round four and Pelcis landed an absolutely cracking spinning kick to the Frenchman. Pelcis landed a second time with a similar strike to take the victory and the European title.

Dan Mingay vs Freddy Jacuemin – Full contact kickboxing (3×2 minutes)
Intense eleventh bout of the evening. Jacuemin was quick out of the blocks knocking down Mingay in the first. He repeated the same in the second winning the bout by KO.

Phil Robbins vs Dwayne Morris – Boxing (3×2 minutes)
Last fight before the interval saw local fighter Robbins fight a close contest against Morris from West Brom. Morris just did enough in the scorers eyes and took the decision.

Zac Evans vs Jean Marie Piertzak – EFK Amateur FC European Title – 67kg (7×2 minutes)

A close first round, with injury drama in round two. Piertzak looked to be in real trouble with his right knee mid-way through the round and was unable to continue. Evans took the belt to give England another European title.

Brandon Gregory vs Rob Weller – Boxing (3×2 minutes)
Two unbeaten heavyweights clashed in this battle involving Fight Factory fighter Gregory. Gregory applied solid pressure from the first bell, pressure that told near the end of the round putting Weller down with a solid left hand. Round two and the high tempo pressure from Gregory continued. Round three and Gregory scores another KD, the bell ringing soon after. Gregory took a dominant points win.

Brian O’Neill vs Henry Goodison – Full contact kickboxing (3×2 minutes)
Two debutants making an appearance late on the bill. O’Neill was put down in the first from a powerful strike. O’Neill put in a strong showing in the second. The third saw both fighters give their all, close to exhaustion the final bell rang. The knock down was enough for Goodison to take the win.

Trevor Tacy vs Will Cairns – Low kicks (5×2 minutes)
Local star attraction Tacy, former world champion challenged Will Cairns in a low kicks contest. Tacy entered the ring to a rapturous reception from the Lincoln faithful.

Tacy’s power was evident from the first kick he landed, a booming blow which was clearly very painful. With the second big kick landed the fight was over. Cairns was in agony and took a good deal of time to rise from the canvas from a kick taken behind the knee, eventually limping out of the ring. Great stuff from Tacy, much to the delight of the crowd.

James Brown vs Amine Ziani – EFK Amateur FC European Title – 71kg (7×2 minutes)

The final fight of the evening saw an enthralling European title fight. This fight was back and forth through to round five when Brown was put down heavily by Ziani on the bell. Round six saw Brown come back strongly and probably take the round. The seventh and final round was superb. Back and forth battle. This was a close one with Ziani given the nod by the judges.


This wasn’t just the first kickboxing night I’d covered, but the first kickboxing event I’d ever attended. I was really impressed with the skill on show and the high intensity action. The K1 bouts in particular caught my attention, one slip up could be the end for either fighter.

I must congratulate Shawn Burton and the team for getting this sort of event in Lincoln. The fight factory provides numerous different fitness and fighting activities, with classes seven days a week. Great stuff and great show.

Hopefully more of the same to come.

Stuart Bruno Brown reporting from ringside

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