Keegan Roberts - World Champ

Keegan Roberts wins ISKA World Title at Feud Promotions – The Takeover

Saturday night saw 2 records being broken at the Lincoln Fight Factory – 1) Feud Promotions brought the biggest ever show seen in Lincoln to the Deans Sports and Leisure Centre and 2) Keegan Roberts become the youngest World Champion in the history of the Lincoln Fight Factory.

We will touch up on point #1 at a later point, but first and foremost we must talk about one of the greatest ever fighters to be trained at the Lincoln Fight Factory becoming the clubs youngest World Champion.

Keegan Roberts has been on a 10 fight unbeaten run, picking up the EKF British and the ISKA British and European titles (with a couple of defences added in to) and was ready to make his name known on the world scene.

It is no secret that the team at the Lincoln Fight Factory were become increasingly frustrated with Keegan’s attitude in training at the back end of 2017 and although winning all his fights, it wasn’t what we expected from a role model for a lot of the younger kids (at a lot of the adults to) and some serious world were had with Keegan from the coaching staff at the gym.

Boy did he take this on board….  Keegan came back into the gym after Christmas like a new person, attending every training session, staying behind for extra sparring and coming in for strength work on his days off and Saturday it really paid off.

Fighting Sid Phillips from the world famous Semtex Gym in London, we knew we were taking a massive gamble with Keegan in his quest for world glory.  Sid came with a great reputation, ranked number 1 in two weight categories in the UK and an identical record to Keegan’s of 18 wins and 2 losses, on paper this fight was huge.

Both fighters seemed confident at weigh in and when facing each other in the ring neither fighter seemed fazed by this huge occasion.

It was all on the line for both fighters during this Direct Cars sponsored World Title fight at -50kg and you could feeling the tension in the room as the touched their customised A1 Fight Gear gloves for the first round.

Keegan started very strong and looked the more powerful of the 2 fighters, mixing some great hand and feet combinations early on, pushing Sid against the ropes.  Sid would return fire each time, pushing Keegan back and landing his own heavy shots.

Keegan drew blood early in the 2nd round to the nose of Sid, but where most kids would back off, this seemed to spur Sid on and against he tried to match Keegan punch for punch and kick for kick.

Keegan landed some solid head kicks in rounds 3 and 4, but again Sid would fire back just as is looked like the fight was coming to and end.

The corner had Keegan 4 rounds up at this point, but it was close, too close to coast the last round as we knew Sid would come on strong.

Round 5 saw Sid come flying out of the blocks, looking to force a stoppage, he landed some very heavy shots to the chin of Keegan, but people underestimate just how tough Keegan is.  He fights every fight like its his last ever fight, a never quit attitude that has seen him become one of the most popular fighters on the Junior UK circuit and why the Feud Promotions team are looking to really capitalise on Keegan’s popularity when he fights.

Both fighters were delighted in hear the bell after 5 grueling rounds.  Both lads were covered in blood from this fantastic war and the whole crowd were on their feet applauding what they had just seen.

When the scored cards had finally been added up, it was Keegan Roberts hand raised and he had become the clubs youngest ever World Champion much to the delight of the corner and the sold out arena.

This was a great fight and would be fantastic to have on again at a later date as both lads look to progress with their careers.

Keegan is next in action in June when he fighters Blaine ‘Wonder Kid’ Wilson (51-2) in Barnsley.  If we see the performance Keegan put in on Saturday this could be one of the best junior fights ever seen in the UK.

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