Beginners 2 - Week 2

Week 2 of beginners boxing course over

We have now completed the 2nd week of our latest beginners boxing course at the Lincoln Fight Factory and once again we have got a fantastic group on the books, all looking to improve their boxing skills.

So far the course has covered footwork, basic punching techniques, defensive, combinations on the pads and head movement to avoid being hit.

On Wednesday 32 of the members we taking through some basic head movement drills and how to move their feet when rolling and slipping shots with their partners, it was a nice steady session that looked more at the technical side of boxing rather that building up a huge sweat.

Friday saw 25 members of the group put through some counter combinations on the pads, specifically looking at countering body shots with uppercuts and slipping jabs and countering with some straight shots to the body and looking closely at footwork when throwing these shots.

It was another great week for the team and with 8 weeks to go on the course we still have 6 spots available to please email for more information on how to join the group.

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