Phil Robbins - English Champ

Phil Robbins becomes WRSA Semi-Pro English K1 Champion

It was another great weekend for the Lincoln Fight Factory, Saturday saw a team of novices compete on the excellent Peaky Blinders fight night promoted by Gavin Chapman and Sunday Phil Robbins add the WRSA Semi-Pro English K1 title to his collection in Sheffield.

The current ISKA Midland champion was coming off the back of his first loss, when he agreed to step in to fight home town hero Ladislav Horvath of the Eagle Pro Fight Club on the Waj Shafique promoted Showdown Events.

Ladislav was cheered on by a very vocal home crowd who had high hope for their KO king, which was showed by his huge amount of support and the fact that a whole sports documentary was being made about him and his family in the build up to the fight.

The team had seen Ladislav fight before and had a rough idea how he would start the fight – very fast and very strong and made it clear to Phil that the crucial round in the fight would be the first one as they believed surviving the early onslaught from Horvath would see him to a clear points victory.

The team instructed Phil to force the pace in the first round and mix fire with fire, throwing sharp punch combinations finishing with a lead leg kick to the body before moving away and avoiding the backlash from Horvath – instructions Phil followed to the word by coming out at a blistering pace landing his trademark left leg to the body and head of Horvath, finishing with a beautifully timed read leg teep to the chin of his Sheffield opponent.

A mistake by Phil almost cost him massively in the opening round when Ladislav almost capitalised on a spinning back kick from Phil, but some great footwork saw Phil avoid any of the heavy hooks thrown by the Sheffield man.

The second round saw the same pattern with Phil landing some fantastic left hook, rear hand straight, lead leg kick – a combination that landed time after time for Phil.

Ladislav had success of his own in the second round, most notably a stinging right hook the landed flush on the jaw of Phil, thankfully the bell went and Phil managed to regroup in the minute break.

Round 3 was Phil’s biggest round, the highlight was a right uppercut that landed sweetly to Ladislav’s chin, seemingly having him out on his feet, but Phil just couldn’t find his range to force to pressure to his opponent who was leaning on the ropes, who was able to recover and use push kicks to nullify any advances Phil tried to make.

Now 3 rounds up, the team new the blue corner would really have to up the pace in rounds 4 and 5 if they wanted to keep the title in Sheffield and they certainly did that, but Phil was in the position to to let the belt slip away and spoil his chances of ruining the party.

A tactical 5 round saw Phil dance around his opponent, popping his jab out to keep the distance and throwing the razor sharp left leg that his is becoming renowned for.

After 5 rounds there could only be one winner and all 3 judges picked Phil Robbins of the Lincoln Fight Factory as the rightful winner after a very tough 5 round battle against a very strong, determined Ladislav Horvath of the Eagle Pro Fight Club – this sets Phil up nicely for his first defence of his ISKA title on 22 September on the Takeover Promotions event at Lincoln College.

Well done Phil on a great performance and a huge thanks to everybody that traveled to cheer our champion on.

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