Lincoln Fight Factory Grading – Sunday 21 February 2016

The next Lincoln Fight Factory grading takes place Sunday 21 February 2016 at the gym.  The junior grading will start at 10:00am but anyone taking part must be here to register no later than 9:45am.
We still have a lot of classes for members to raise any concerns about the syllabus they are working on, plus a week-long boot camp the week of the grading where we can really tune up each technic – for more information on the Boot Camp please click this link.

A grading is when Kickboxing students, non-contact and contact, are assessed through a series of levels/grades, with the base level being white belt, through ten levels, finally reaching a Dan grade at black belt, which is equivalent, if you like, to a degree level in kickboxing. This type of achievement would take, on average, between six and eight years.

Everyone grading, please ensure you wear your current belts, club t-shirts and trousers and make sure your licence is still valid. Any problems please speak to Shawn at the gym.

The grading costs £15 and includes belt and certificate.

If you do not pre-register you will not be eligible to take part. 

When deciding on who is eligible to grade, the instructors take into consideration a variety of factors. 
Knowing the techniques isn’t enough, all students, Junior or Senior must show the correct amount of effort, respect, attendance in classes and discipline in class to become eligible. For some juniors and seniors, a little more effort and tightening up on technique needs to be applied to 
become eligible, but don’t give up, you still have a few  weeks left to practice
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