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Kids classes at the Lincoln Fight Factory

Do you want your children to put the computer controls down take part in a sport that really will put them in great stead for the future? – what better for them to do than to attend a gym that teaches discipline, respect and a healthy lifestyle?

At The Lincoln Fight Factory we teach the disciplines of kickboxing, boxing and K1 rules kickboxing, by putting fun and learning together like a one-two combination.

A child faces new challenges every day: time-management, homework, good-manners, and even bullies. Our Childrens program is an excellent way for children to learn valuable tools to help handle life’s many challenges–all while having a great time!

We focus on building attitude, discipline, and respect in our students, so they have an advantage not only when it comes to martial arts but everyday life and is designed to teach children self-defense, self-confidence, responsibility, and the value of hard work in a safe atmosphere organized and run by professionals.

Our classes are a positive way for children to release stress, learn the importance of physical fitness, and feel accomplishment after earning achievement. We have several strategies to teach the value of settings goals, working toward them and fulfilling them.

Our students can witness the results of hard work first hand as they improve at the techniques learned through attentive listening and practice.

We also give the opportunity for students to work through our grading system and earn belts from white belt right up to black belt grade and develop their ring skills and become part of the Junior Squad training team who have competed in the ring right across Europe.

A skilled marital artist is a result of years of dedication, practice, effective learning, and a positive, respectful attitude. Our students learn these lessons whilst having a great time working toward a goal.

We take children from 3 years old and have classes running 5 days a week that are available to everyone no matter what their experience.

For more information on the classes please call Shawn on 07900932690 or email or visit the timetable to find out when our classes are being run.

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