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First Beginners Kickboxing Course of 2019 starts 21 January 2019 at the Lincoln Fight Factory

The first edition of the 2019 Beginners Kickboxing Course starts in January and with just 2 weeks left on the final course 2018, now is the time to book your place and start a new hobby in the New Year. 

The 2018 courses at the Lincoln Fight Factory have seen 149 new members training hard and learning in each session, whilst getting fit and making new friends in a great environment for the whole family.

The Lincoln Fight Factory has had a very successful history of producing World Champion fighters and and helping turn peoples lives around for the better.

We will be making some slight changes to the courses now to cope with demand and splitting the course into to options: option 1 is a a beginners technical course, which includes grading for your first belt and option 2 is a beginners sparring course.


  • Basic stance and footwork
  • Shadow boxing and punch sharpness
  • How to throw basic punches and kicks to head and body
  • How to defend and how to counter from your defence
  • How to hold and hit pads
  • The fitness required to be a kickboxer
  • Head movement (slipping and rolling)
  • Range finding
  • and much, much more


  • Basic sparring drills
  • A proper experience of sparring in the ring
  • How to counter against southpaws
  • How to range find using jabs
  • Ring craft
  • Extreme fitness tests
  • How to use punches and kicks in combinations
  • Fitness/Training plans

The gym has a family friendly environment and a very good work ethic in order to give students the very best tutoring that we can and this will be no different with the next edition of our beginners kickboxing technical course which starts at 8pm on Monday 21  January and will run every Monday (8pm) and Thursday (7:00pm) until Thursday 28 March 2019   and the beginners kickboxing sparring course starts Wednesday 23 January and will run every Wednesday (8:15pm) and Friday (6:30pm) until 29 March 2019.

The classes will be structured to work on the basic fundamentals of kickboxing including footwork, kicking, kneeing, punching and defensive techniques on the pads and with partner.

The 10 week courses are priced at just £65 for one course or both courses for £80 and all those that pass the first course will then be offered the opportunity to move on the standard gym membership package and mix in with the regular classes at the that we have to offer.

For more information on the Beginners Kickboxing course please call 07900 932690 or email with the header Beginners Kickboxing Course 2019 – Part 1.

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